Can Resveratrol Boost the Benefits of Exercise?

ResveratrolPeople have been consuming wine through the ages.  Recently researchers have been interested in the effects of wine consumption on the body, specifically the effects of red wine. A recent study has found that resveratrol; a compound found in red wine, boosts heart rate, amps up muscle performance and improves muscle strength, thus mimicking the effects of exercise in the body. However, the amount of wine needed to create this effect would have unacceptable effects such as fatigue, sleep-deprivation, dehydration, and physical impairment.  Therefore, researchers believe that one could use a “resveratrol supplement” that could help patients to avoid the alcohol in red wine. As physical activity is extremely important to improve overall health and pain, a “resveratrol supplement” could boost the exercise benefits of chronic pain patients. However, wine is not the only source of resveratrol. This compound can be found in nuts and fruits such as, blueberries, pistachios, red grapes and dark chocolate. For more information contact us at: or 352-265-8901.