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Dr. Roland Staud’s Fibromyalgia Books

Fibromyalgia and Other Central Pain Syndromes BookFibromyalgia and Other Central Pain Syndromes

Dr. R. Staud is the author of a chapter on Fibromyalgia Syndrome in this textbook (Editors Daniel J. Wallace, MD and Daniel J. Clauw, MD). This 432-page text provides a wealth of information and comprehensive illustrations on Fibromyalgia and chronic pain syndromes. Published in April 2005, the main focus of Dr. Staud’s contribution is the role of central pain processing abnormalties for pain in fibromyalgia. Validated measures of central sensitization are presented and how they relate to fibromyalgia pain.
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Fibromyalgia for Dummies BookFibromyalgia for Dummies

A self help book for Fibromyalgia patients and their families, by Dr. R. Staud and C. Adamec, 2007.
This book explains the most recent research on the biological abnormalities that are responsible for the increased pain experience of fibromyalgia patients. The authors offer guidance on the wide range of medications, exercises, and complementary therapies that can help manage FMS and explains how they work.
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