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Doctor Visits Can Save Lives

Research studies have shown that fibromyalgia patients have an increased risk to die by suicide. Risk factors for suicidal ideation and attempt included self-reported fatigue, dizziness and weakness as well as […]

Caffeine may lower your pain sensitivity

Caffeine may lower your pain sensitivity

Researchers at the University of Alabama recently looked at the relationship between pain sensitivity and caffeine intake. They had 62 adults measure their daily dietary caffeine consumption for a week […]

Hot Rod

Powerful Pain Relief

Expectations and memories of pain or pain relief can influence your pain. They play an important biological role; cues that help you predict how painful something might be, influence your […]

Sugar Pill

The Mighty Sugar Pill

Researchers at Northwestern University recently published a study on the effects of a sugar pill on chronic back pain patients. About half the patients in the study experienced a 30% […]

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The Impact of Mindfulness Meditation on Pain

Are you aware of the benefits associated with meditation? The act of mindfulness meditation involves bringing one’s complete attention to the present moment–where it can influence many aspects of health […]

Opioid Pain Relievers include medications such as hydrocodone and oxycodone. Non opioid pain relievers include medications like NSAIDs and acetaminophen.

What are the Strongest Pain Medications?

Many individuals believe that opioids are the strongest pain medications, but a recent study of chronic pain patients has showed that after 12 months of treatment, the opioid group and […]

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How Well Do Antidepressants Work?

If you look at the advertising for antidepressants, you could conclude that antidepressants work well. However, a study recently reported a large meta-analysis that looked at the effectiveness of 21 […]

Stress management can include self care, goal setting, guided imagery, hobbies and exercise, nature and yoga/meditation.

Stress can increase Pain Sensitivity

Stress can have an impact on how much pain you have. Several studies have found that individuals become more sensitive to pain when they feel stressed. One study showed that […]