Taking the Ouch out of Medicine!

VenipunctureWhen we have to go to the hospital for treatment, the last thing we want are medical professionals prodding and poking us, performing exam and making our pain worse. The days for having to tolerate such discomforts may be over! New technology is removing the pain from hospital visits and letting medical professionals do their jobs without increasing a patient’s pain level. From broken bones to injections health professionals have made improvements! They are using needle-less blood-drawing devices to reduce pain, topical medication to numb the skin before inserting needles, illuminated “vein finders” to project a map of veins under your skin thus avoiding painful repeat sticks, fast-acting nasal pain sprays to control the pain from fractures or other acute pains. These are just a few of the approaches that hospitals around the nation have begun implementing. These new approaches are making it easier to avoid pain in medical settins, reduce unnecessary pain, and anxiety for patients.