Mindfulness Meditation Improves Well-Being Among Women with Fibromyalgia

Mindfulness Meditation Improves Well-Being Among Women with FibromyalgiaMindfulness meditation is a structured practice in which you focus on being deeply aware of what you’re sensing and feeling in the moment, without interpretation or judgment. A study was conducted to examine the effects mindfulness meditation had on 58 women with fibromyalgia. Participants partook in an 8-week mindfulness meditation intervention in which pre- and postintervention measurements were made using validated self-reports. The results found that those who participated in the 8-week mindfulness intervention program improved in every aspect being tested including depression, anxiety, quality of life, pain levels, and their ability to cope with pain. These benefits lasted for several months. Overall, the findings of this study provide evidence for short- and long-term effectiveness of mindfulness training in improving the well-being among women with fibromyalgia.

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