What makes you continue when you’re in pain?

Two sticky notes saying new mindset and new results
A study was conducted to evaluate if the relationship that marathon runners’ muscle pain experience and their coping strategies have anything to do with their race performance. All runners reported experiencing increasing levels of pain throughout the marathon; however, it was observed that those who used adaptive pain coping strategies (opposed to maladaptive), were more likely to finish the race. Some of the adaptive coping strategies include regulating your emotional responses, taking a deep breath, thinking about the big picture, having a positive attitude and examining the benefits of the situation. It is also very helpful avoiding maladaptive coping strategies such as self-blaming, procrastination, excessive worrying, rumination, and emotional numbing. It will take some work to get the mind to become stronger than the body. Therefore becoming/staying more positive will not decrease your pain but get the job done.