Fibromyalgia and Loneliness

lonelinessWhen we talk about fibromyalgia (FM) we always stress the importance of identifying pain triggers and improving symptoms. However, over the years less attention has been paid to the lack of emotional and social support that many fibromyalgia patients are experiencing. FM patients are often so overwhelmed with fatigue, insomnia, pain and depression that they neglect social interactions. However, good social support can make a significant difference to FM patients who have to cope with often disabling symptoms. A recent study of FM patients linked feelings of loneliness to functional and cognitive decline. On the other hand, functioning social support networks are associated with lower level of depression, mood disturbance, and less FM symptoms. Patients with chronic pain and fatigue find it often difficult to maintain a supportive social network. However, it is very important to maintain supportive social interactions because they help FM patients cope with both emotional and physical stress. For more information please call us at 352-265-8901 or email us at