Too Much Heat Affects Your Sleep

man-holding-thermometer-showing-like-as-cool-good-temperature-concept-57264479We have all experienced the effects of a sleepless night such as body aches, fatigue, moodiness and brain fog. Sleep troubles may at least in part depend on your body temperature. Research has found that a better night’s sleep is linked to lower core temperature at night. IF the body’s core temperature during sleep drops by 2-3 degrees Fahrenheit sleep is improved –when the body’s core temperature is too high the brain cannot easily switch from being awake to being asleep. How can we cool down before bedtime? Researchers suggest taking hot baths in the evening which helps reduce body core temperatures at bedtime. Overall, researchers recommend room temperatures between 60 to 67 F, and wearing light breathable clothing, such as cotton pajamas. To avoid pain and fatigue throughout your day, don’t forget to pay attention to your and your bedroom’s temperature at night. For more information please contact us at 352-265-8901 or at