Takin’ it On the Chin!

ChinFor years researchers have tried to find ways to reduce, remove, and hide our double chins to no avail; leaving plastic surgery as the only option for double chin removal.  However, the day has come when plastic surgery has met its match; the FDA has recently approved a drug injection called, “Kybella” that reduces the fat deposits under the chin by dissolving tissue fat In studies conducted by a drug company.  Sixty-eight percent of participants reported a reduction in their double chin volume after application of Kybella.  The company confirmed these results by taking MRIs and measuring the volume of adipose tissue before and after Kybella injections. How does Kybella work? The main ingredient in this “fat dissolving” injection is deoxycholic acid.  After injection into the fat deposits on the chin Kybella destroys the cell membrane and helps the body absorb the fat. However, deoxycholic acid does not distinguish between different tissues and can damage skin cells if it is injected into the skin. Patients who are prepared to trade in the scalpel for the syringe may receive up to fifty injections to their chin area in a single treatment and up to six treatments may be administered less than a month apart. Common side effects from Kybella injection include swelling, bruising, pain, numbness, and redness to the treated area if misplaced it can cause serious risks including nerve damage leading to muscle weakness, uneven smile, and trouble swallowing. For those who want to reduce their double chins without going under the knife Kybella may be an option.