Binaural Beats Reduce Anxiety in Some Listeners

Robins-Key-Subliminal-Audio-Binaural-BeatsBinaural beats are touted as a method to reduce anxiety and improve mood in listeners. These beats are produced by the interference of two different frequencies heard through headphones.  For example, if a 400 hertz is played in one ear, and 390 hertz in the other, a beat with a frequency of 10 hertz will be experienced by the listener.  Multiple studies have been done to determine the effects of these beats.

A randomized, controlled study performed by the anesthesiology department at the Sunderland Royal Hospital showed a reduction in preoperative anxiety among those listing to binaural beats before surgery. Anxiety levels before surgery were measured with the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory, and participants were randomized into three groups: a group with no intervention, a group listening to music with the binaural beats embedded, and a group with the same music but no beats. This reduction in anxiety attributed to binaural beats is thought to be caused by changes in arousal in the brain.

You will need to use your headphones to experience the effects of these beats for yourself. You can see what impact they have on your mood and anxiety here:

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